Manufacturing the Horn of the Alps in Choëx



Product Code: 91943P1

Activity Type: Cultural Tours (Cultural & Theme Tours)

Duration: 3 hours

For the manufacturing of the horn of the Alps we shall go to a private, in this little personal workshop. He will explain us all the process to manage to build this famous horn of the Alps, the emblem of Switzerland.

The aperitif will be made in a little bar, a typical cellar of Valais fitted out carefully by my family.

I make an appointment with you in the parking lot of the place of weapons at 1:30pm 

1. Manufacturing of Horn of the Alps

We shall go to Choëx to a manufacturer of Horn of the Alps which will explain to us how are made these typical instruments of Switzerland. His little personal workshop is normally closed to the public. And he opened it just for you.

2. Aperitif in the little bar

Taste wines of the region which makes up Swiss’s biggest vineyard. To push farther the experience, we shall make this tasting in a typical little bar, a old cellar fitted out tastefully.

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