Zurich City Walking Tour in Portuguese (3-4 Guests)



Product Code: 23001P5

Activity Type: Private Sightseeing Tours (Private & Custom Tours)

Duration: 3 hours

Experience the beauty of Zurich in a 2 hours walking tour. Historic buildings and stunning views over the old town are combined with an insight in tiny small streets and picturesque squares. The Swiss-Brazilian guide will introduce you to Swiss history and customs as well as to the most exclusive and en vogue shopping spots of Zurich. This tour applies for 1-2 people.

This Portuguese City Tour provides you with a deep insight in one of Switzerland most attractive cities.

Your guide is a native Brazilian with more than 10 years living experience in Zurich. She will not only guide you through her Swiss hometown but also help you to understand typical Swiss traditions and historical facts. After the tour you will see Zurich with the eyes of a local.

Amongst other beautiful places, the 2 hours walk will bring you to internationally well known spots such as “Fraumünster” with the Chagall windows, you will enjoy the splendid view from Lindenplatz and experience the special charm of Switzerlands best known shopping avenue “Bahnhofstrasse” incl. the epicentrum of the Swiss Banking scene “Paradeplatz”.

Your guide will not miss to introduce you to some small and charming specialty stores that produce and/or sell chocolate, handicraft or the famous Swiss watches.

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