Lucerne Bike and Walk City Tour



Product Code: 8421P16

Activity Type: City Tours (Tours & Sightseeing)

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Discover Lucerne on a bike and walking tour guided by local guide Ralf. See the Chapel Bridge, St. Peter’s Chapel, Zur Gilgen House, the Town Hall, Wine Market and Stag Square, the Mill Bridge, the Ritter Palace, the Lion Monument and the Musegg Wall and Towers. Pull the most out this unique city tour by combining biking and walking.
• Explore Lucerne on a combined 2,5 hours bike and walking tour
• Ride your bike on special bike paths and streets in and around the historical center.
• Discover the heart of Old Lucerne on foot and see the all the must have seen attractions
• Feel like a local and explore Lucerne on a bike 

Your tour starts either 9:30am or 2pm in the lobby of your Hotel in Lucerne. Your local guide Ralf picks you up and asks you to sign a waiver where you declare that you have experience in riding a bike in the city traffic, that you know and respect the traffic regulations and that you are in good health. 

Then you walk to the next bike rental station which is in walking distance. Your local guide rents your bike and hands it over to you. After some practicing and explanation of the most important traffic rules you follow your guide and ride your bike to the historical center.

The first stop is at the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower where you get brief information on the most photographed attraction in Switzerland.

A short bike ride further you see and visit the Jesuit Church, the first baroque church in Switzerland. A stone throw away is the Ritter Palace which you will visit from the inside and marvel the “Danse Macabre” paintings (except on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and special events).

Then you ride your bike over the Reuss Bridge to the Mill Square for the next stop. You see the wooden Mill Bridge and get further information about the historical attractions in Old Lucerne. 

Your next stop is on Löwengraben street where you lock your bike and continue on foot. Your guides takes you the Stag Square to see old houses, to the Kornmarkt to admire the Town Hall, to the Wine Market where you will drink from the best water of Lucerne.

Next you climb the Musegg hill. On a ten minutes uphill walk your guide takes you the ancient fortification wall dating back to the 15th century. You see the wall and climb the the steep stairs to see the fascinating Clock Tower from the inside.

Then you unlock your parked bike and continue biking through Hertensteinstrasse to the Lion Monument. Your guide tells you the story behind this monument commemorating to the fallen swiss mercenaries during the French Revolution.

After a short ride on your bike you arrive at Schwanenplatz where you lock your bike and your guide informs you about St. Peter’s Chapell, the Chappel Bridge and the Zur Gilgen House.

Finally you drive your bike back to the rental station next to your hotel and your guide will accompany you back to your hotel, where your guide is available to let you have information about excursions and tours in and around Lucerne.


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