Burgenstock Panorama Photo Tour from Lucerne



Product Code: 7790P14

Activity Type: Photography Tours (Tours & Sightseeing)

Duration: 5 hours

Take mind-blowing photographs in the heart of central Switzerland atop a spectacular mountain ridge offering incomparable views of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

Enjoy the alpine landscape as you reach the Bürgenstock Resort from Lucerne in diverse transportation mode taking first a relaxing 30 min. boat ride, followed by a 7 min short ride by Funicular to the Mountain station. Enjoy the majestic surroundings while walking along the 30 min.  mountain’s trail to take the Lift to the highest vantage point. If you have a passion for beautiful Landscapes, adventure and nature, Bürgenstock is the right place to snap great images and come back home with long- lasting and beautiful memories!

Discover the beauty of Lucerne city on an optional 2 hrs. walking tour including The Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, City old Wall and Lucerne Castle.

Experience the beauty of Bürgenstock in a full day trip with many different ways of transportation.  Depart from Lucerne by boat and change to a Funicular. We will have already plenty of photography opportunities from the water on the 30 min. ride from the comfort of your seat. At 1,200 mts. walk at the edge of the mountain along the impressive cliff path, a 30 min. panorama trail offering outstanding views down on Lake Lucerne. We will take photos from the spectacular alpine landscape and also take some photos of you in this amazing natural setting, this is just the perfect start before reaching the Panorama Elevator. 

If you don’t suffer from vertigo, the Hammetschwand Panorama Elevator is for you. Its views of the steep cliffs stretching down into the lake are breathtaking. In just about one minute, Europe’s highest outdoor stand-alone elevator whisks passengers up to the terrace atop Mount Bürgenstock. The 152.8 meter-high lift is one of the most daring tourist attractions dating back to the Belle Epoque. Photograph the natural wonders in Central Switzerland in an environment which is best described as heavenly!

When you have finished exploring the Alpine resort, it’s time to head down via the funicular and then by boat through the pristine Lake Lucerne.  

For those who booked the tour optional get ready to Explore Lucerne city as a local on a lovely 2 hrs. photo walk visiting the Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Old City Wall and Lucerne Castle.

A unique experience with plenty of photography opportunities from the beginning to the end!

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